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Monday, December 22, 2008


When 'it' happened, reminds me of 23rd March 2002.

In need of Alien Invasion.

Today is the day I wish an individual gets wiped out from the earth surface.

And I really do mean it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I won't laugh but I still remember what you said. It's deeply etched in my mind.

I'm just proud of my brother, because in a situation like that. He took it like a man!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Focus, keep in focus...

I MUST! I must keep focus or I stray away from my target.

Yesterday, was the day my dollars and sense went out of the windows.

Telling myself "No regrets cos the brother is happy!" :)

Happy Birthday Bro! *hugs* *tickles*

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On cruise mode.

Crap result from Arsenal. Pure pure crap!
I have given up on that we will somehow-get-a-goal-in-second-half mentality. It's like going through 93 mins of major time wasting. At the end of it with a trail 'WTF?!' playing in my head. I know it's bettter off to just skip the game than keep moaning about it but that's me. I love it too much even if it hurts!

Hardly ever got me time for myself nowadays, prolly I got pre-occupied with things...Or that cos I am more accessible to my friends now, it's much easier to plan meetup with friends. I used to lead a life of a hermit who work in far flung places.

I am going to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still tomorrow. Got wee bit of crush now after watching him in Lake House this afternoon. woody!

Mulling over what I can buy with the extra dosh, but a recent chat with a colleague decided that holding it back until late January will be a smarter move as am not too sure about my future here since I'm on contract basis. Wait till the new contract to arrive, only then can spend $$ hahaha.

Went watch gazing a couple of days back... saw a few which I really like. Here's hoping they keep me longer. Keep me in your duaas. I want to stay in this job for a bit longer. I am appreciating the place, the people and of course the work. :)